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Select Victorian Style Christmas Tree Ornaments
in Gallery Format
Special Designer Collections. 

"The White Dove Collection"

Unique handmade Victorian style Christmas tree ornaments 

Victorian Christmas Wedding Favors, gift boxed ornament wedding favors 

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Heirloom Victorian styled Christmas tree ornaments mint and gold on this beautiful ornament
Adella Lee

Christmas Ornaments Adella Lee
Giftable Heirloom ornaments by Orna Mentz, ivory and lace, Swarovski Crystals
Agnes Ann

Christmas Ornaments Adella Lee
Gold inlaid lace, rhinestones and Swarovski Crystals on this gorgreous Heirloom Ornament
Chastity Ruth

Christmas Ornaments Adella Lee
Antique ornament for your Heirloom collection, beautiful lush tassel and Swarovski Crytals
Amelia Dora
An ivory tassel, velvet and Swarovski Crystals on this collectible, giftable heirloom ornament
Dorothy Jane
Rare and Vintage gold inlaid lace, circa 1850 reproduction button and Swarovski crystalsl on this beautiful Victorian ornament
Esther Abigale
A gold scroll jacquard, rich and textured, silver and gold, rhinestones and lace on on one gorgeous heirloom ornament
Samantha Sue
Signature lacing and Swarovski crytals come together on this heirloom Victorian ornament by Orna Mentz
Lorena Arrah
Antique reproduction silver button and vintage, rare, hard tofind silver web trim with 32 Genuine Swarovski crystals on this heirloom ornament by Orna Mentz
Phoebe Louise
Ivory tassel and antique reproduction teardrop buttons, on this 16 panel collectible heirloom ornament
Roberta Helene
Blush a palest peach adorn this beauty with a gold Swarovski Crystal filigree rosette and two rare and vintage trims, real velvet and more genuine Swarovski Crystals
Lila May
Beautiful gold loop trim, rare and vintage, ivory satin scrolled trim, garnet and siam Swarovski Crystals and a lush ivory tassel on this heirloom ornament
Sarah Rose


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a nice large size, with or without a tassel, makes a statement on your
Christmas tree like no other ornament in the world.
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