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Unique handmade Victorian style Christmas tree ornaments 

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FAQ's about Orna Mentz

1. What are they made of? - They are made of a polystyrene ball as the base and wrapped with a vast variety of trims, etc. As a result they are 100% UNBREAKABLE!

2. How Big are they?  You can click here for a page that shows the actual size of our two size categories

Orna Mentz Original and Unique 
Handmade Victorian Style Christmas Tree Ornaments

Beautiful White and Gold Christmas Ornaments -- 
Made with lush Ivory velvets, satiny ribbons and brocades and Vintage Gold Trims and Laces.  Absolutely stunning on an all-white tree and will also blend beautifully with all of the other colors

Beautiful White and Silver Christmas Ornaments -- 
By popular request! Our newest category, these stunning ornaments - all white with silver embellishments - are amazing.  With the vast array of silver trims in our cache and the beautiful ways they are enhanced by the burnished silver and ivory pearlised accents, the silver and white possibilities are endless!  We invite you to come back often to see what's new!

Pale and subtle shades of Mauve, Rose and Sage Christmas Ornaments -- 
Softly patterned rose and sage floral lame ribbon, and a unique mauve colored French gimp braid inlaid with ebony and gold are just two of the beautiful trims used to create some of the ornaments in this classic Victorian line

Rich deep Burgundy, Wine, and Hunter Green Christmas Ornaments -- 
Often thought of as 'the other' red and green for Christmas, the deeper tones of burgundy and hunter on these Victorian styled ornaments impart an old world look and feel. 

Totally Festive Velvety Reds and Glittering Golds Christmas Ornaments --
The bright reds and golds, achieved with our stunning jacquard ribbons and a bright red satin base are sure to enhance the joy of your Christmas tree this Holiday season for you and your guests!

Traditional -- The Best of both worlds in beautifully bright, 
Traditional Christmas Reds and Greens Christmas Ornaments --
The traditional bright Christmas reds and greens are reminiscent of many of our childhood Christmas trees and blend beautifully with any other traditional style ornament while still keeping to the elegance and stunning heirloom quality that is a renowned trademark of Orna Mentz

Jewel-tones of Royal, Purple, Teal and Magenta create these luscious Victorian Christmas Ornaments --There is no lack of color in this gorgeous line, jewel-tones of sapphire, amethyst, jade, cobalt, garnet, and many more brilliant hues are achieved with our exclusive and hard to find Vintage and reproduction brocades, velvets and trims, all blended together with our own custom colored pearlised accents.   

Royalty anyone?  Rich Deep Purples create these luscious Victorian Christmas Ornaments --
A stunning purple ornament with bright pearl and gold accents on your Christmas tree will be certain to capture attention and admiration, and the lush purple velvet and silky purple tassels on several of these beautiful purple ornament designs are oh so touchable!

"The Blues" Shades of Teal, Royal and Wedgwood Blend together in these Victorian Christmas Ornaments --  Picture this -- a Christmas tree with all green mini-lights and bedecked with a collection of our blue ornaments, which all coordinate perfectly with one another - the colors of the earth and sky coming together to create a vision of serenity and peace for your Holiday season this year.

Good enough to eat sweet Peaches and Creams with touches of mint and sage in these delicious Victorian Christmas Ornaments --  These beautiful and elegant peach ornaments blend perfectly with all of the many types of Victorian themed ornaments, floral ribbon garland, fans, scrap and tinsel ornaments, and of course, Angels and Cupids.

The Empress Line  - Inspired by the Ladies of the House of Faberge, elaborate pearlised designs on these Victorian Style Christmas Ornaments --  The Empress Line, each one named after one of the Princesses of the era of Faberge, is one ornament design done in several color themes and was inspired by the Designer's own trip to the Faberge Exhibit one year.  The different colors themes are achieved with over 180 pearlised pins inserted into the ivory base to form a unique 'carousel' design that is another trademark of Orna Mentz   

Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Ornaments - A must see!  All twelve birthstones captured on these ornaments with a 14mm heart-shaped genuine Swarovski Crystal on all four quadrants of the ornament.  Absolutely stunning!

Awareness Ornaments - To remember your friends and loved ones in their time of need    

Theme and Novelty Ornaments - An Angel Ornament, an Irish Ornament, a Cameo Ornament . . . are just a few in this new and soon to be expanded line.

Ornamentia Collections:

"White Dove Collection"
Ivory, Cream, Gold and Silver, with an occasional hint of mint or blush, this collection
with it's overall look of White blends beautifully with any tree or theme

"Herald Angels"

"Sassy Lady"
With style that could be thought of as Victorian Vixens, these Sassy Ladies sparkle and shine with bold colors complimented with daring black.

"Ladies of the Carpet"
A unique collection of Bodacious, Bedazzling and somewhat Belligerent Ornament Designs based upon the "Ladies of the Carpet"
. . Red that is

Featured Gallery!~~~
2011 White Dove Collection pictured in the table below

Heirloom Christmas Ornaments Mint and Gold, Swarovski Crystals from the 2011 White Dove Collection Christmas Ornaments, Victorian Style, Giftable, heirloom quality Victorian Christmas ornaments, Gift Boxed Keepsake Ornaments Heirloom Ornaments, Silver Ivory and Gold, unique, origianl designs Heirloom ornaments, gift boxed, ivory velvet, Swarovski Crytals Antique reproduction, silver and gold heirloom ornament, giftable, collectible
Tassel ornaments, Heirloom quality, Gift boxed and unique Made in the USA Heirloom ornaments, Christmas Ornaments to give as a special keepsake gift Ivory and Swarovski Crytals on this stunning Heirloom ornament Christmas Tree Ornaments in the Victorian Style, unique, made in the USA Swarovski Crytal ornaments, heirloom quality, giftable, collectible Ornaments with tassels, keepsake ornaments, unbreakable, collectible

THE most giftable ornament you will find anywhere in the world - guaranteed . . .
Here is a smart suggestion:
You can proudly give one ornament from the White Dove Collection
each and every year until your lucky loved one has the entire collection,
so now you don't have to think about what to give for the next 12 years!


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